Sunday, May 20, 2007

May 13-19, 2007: The Week in Review

Since I spend lots of time at work, this is mostly last Sunday and yesterday in review. Anyway, a friend from work is watching her sister's dog for the summer. Since she already has a dog, she knew there would be issues with introducing them to one another. Apparently, some dog expert said that it would be easier to introduce them outside of her apartment, because of territoriality issues, so I agreed to hang out in front of her building with the new dog when it arrived last Sunday while she went up to fetch the other dog so that she could walk them together:

After walking them around Tompkins Square Park for a while, we stopped off at Zum Schneider for beer and pretzels. And, for the dogs, weiners.

Last night, I stopped in at Death & Co. After my first glass of port, the following conversation ensued:

ME: Can I have another glass of the Sandeman 20 year?

BARTENDER 1: We're all out. In fact, I think you drank the entire bottle.

BARTENDER 2: We should have saved the empty for you.

ME (to man sitting next to me): Well, I didn't drink the whole thing tonight!

The following photograph is meant as a memorial to the bottle I killed:

Friday, May 11, 2007

Zombies Overrun a Very Small Section of Union Square

I found out around lunchtime today that people were going to be dressing up as zombies and hanging out in Union Square tonight before going to a showing of "28 Weeks Later." Initially, I had planned to shred up an old suit, dye some corn syrup red, slap both on me, and go as Zombie Lawyer. But, I would have been really pressed for time, since I didn't leave work until around 6, and the zombies were gathering at 6:30. Also, it looked like rain. So, I did not join in, but I got a few pictures.

When I first arrived, I was pretty disappointed, because I couldn't see any zombies. Of course, part of that is my fault, since I was one of the lame individuals who knew about zombie day and didn't bother dressing up. However, if you look very carefully in the middle of the photo, you can see one lone zombie's bloody shirt in the crowd:

As I got closer, I saw more zombies. As it turns out, they like their cigarettes:

As with all great cultural events, Fangoria showed up and gave away t-shirts. But they only gave them to people dressed as zombies.

This zombie was nice enough to interact with both civilians and Goths:

New Format!

It occurs to me that if I ever get up the motivation to write another review of something, I will probably put it on Batman Must Die, so I think I'm going to do a bit of a format change here. Yes, from here on in, this will be my picture blog. A while back, I used to do a thing where I'd sum up the week in review in photographs, so maybe I'll bring that back.

In the meantime, please enjoy this photographic evidence of Beaker's love for America: